Veggie wrap                                                                                                                      100
    Crispy spiced tempe, tomato, avocado, sweet corn, egg all wrapped with tortilla


    Chicken wrap                                                                                                                    110
    Spiced chicken wrap, avocado, tomato, lettuce, curried mayonaise wrapped with tortilla


    Red Bean Quinoa Salad                                                                                                      85 

    A salad with red bean, tomato, carrot, apple, Feta cheese, Quinoa and
    mixed lettuce and finished with red vinaigrette


    Tofu and Tempe Salad                                                                                                         85

    Deep fried tofu and tempe, asparagus, sweet corn, avocado, carrot, eggplant,
    tomato and served with sourdough bread


    Sandwich Home Smoked Salmon                                                                                      90

    Ciabatta bread with cream cheese, cucumber, tomato and home smoked salmon,

    served with french fries


    Club Sandwich                                                                                                                   70

    Slices of bread with lettuce, country ham, chicken ham, tomato, served with french fries


    Club Sandwich Vegetarian                                                                                                 55

    Slices of bread with lettuce, cheese, tomato and boiled egg, served with french fries


    Watercress sandwich                                                                                                         75

    Fresh watercress, avocado served with sourdough bread and french fries


    Cheeseburger                                                                                                                    80

    Bun with home made beef patty  with cheese, tomato, onions and lettuce

    served with french fries