Le Citron                                                                                                                85

lemon shaped dessert, lemon and white chocolateganache, lemon jelly
in white chocolate and cacao butter 

Classic Tiramisu                                                                                                      85

A home made classic Tiramisu served with coffee icecream infused with Amaretto

Chocolate Piece de Resistance                                                                                 85

Home made chocolate tower cone, filled with chocolate mousse, garnished with

fresh strawberry, orange meat and strawberry coulis

Coconut Texture (a tropical surprise)                                                                        75

Coconut and white chocolate bar, coconut crumble, coconut truffle
and finished with coconut ice cream, all home made

Crème Brulee                                                                                                          65

Vanilla custard pudding with caramelized sugar on top

Our Home Made ICE CREAM: Dragon Fruit, Coconut

One scoop                                                                                                              25

Two scoops the same or two different                                                                      40

Whipped cream                                                                                                        5