Why the name Vincent’s?
    That is one of the most asked questions since we opened January 2004! Of course, it is not a Balinese name, like Ketut, Gede or Wayan, but you must know Vincent! We have chosen the name Vincent because we were looking for an international name which implies art and culture. So, Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch painter, was art and culture personified. The building you are in now is completely new. The small café which was here before was demolished and within three months, Vincent’s came into being. We do believe this is the right location, auspiciously close to the sacred lagoon, the temple and within walking distance of most hotels.
    We think that Vincent’s is different than everything you’ll find in Candidasa; we’re different in style, music, food and service.


    The music at Vincent’s is lazy jazz music. All around Bali you will hear music from the seventies and eighties and especially Bob Marley’s “No woman, no cry”! Vincent’s choose something different, so you can listen during your coffee, lunch or dinner to the exemplary music of such great jazz musicians as among others Sarah Vaughan, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, Dianna Krall and Dinah Washington.


    Live Jazz@Vincent’s
    Every MONDAY Vincent's presents Romantic Jazz melodies om the grand piano by our pianist. Every THURSDAY you will find live Jazz@Vincent's by a Jazz Trio or Quartet. On SATURDAY we present Mellow Jazz by our pianist.

    Casually European

    Balinese Influences

    With our menu being centered around the casual European dishes, we have both French, Greek, Italian and Balinese food.

    Vincent’s is located in the peaceful local village Candidasa, we offer an atmosphere with Balinese influences that suits with the local character of Karangasem district.

    Founded 2004

    Vincent’s is proud to be serving delicious European and Balinese dishes for over 18 years